For the food startup "Rebel Meat", we implemented a comprehensive ongoing digital marketing support to increase their brand awareness and website traffic. This included various online marketing measures such as performance marketing, Facebook and Google ads, YouTube video advertising and email marketing automation.




ongoing marketing support


Reducing meat consumption while keeping meat in the diet? The new food startup "Rebel Meat" from Austria wants to contribute to the fight against climate change & general welfare by changing consumers' diets to resource-saving hybrid meat products. To achieve this goal, we helped build brand awareness via online channels.


Rebel Meat implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that included performance marketing, including Facebook and Google ads, YouTube ads and email marketing automation. The focus was on driving traffic to the website and optimizing cost-per-click (CPC) while generating awareness through creative content and ideas.


The digital marketing campaign resulted in a significant increase in traffic to the website and successful CPC optimization. Despite being a brand that does not sell directly to consumers, the efforts encouraged customers to visit retail stores, which boosted sales and increased brand awareness.


Brand Design - Bureau F
Photos - Yannik Steer