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We are looking for creative minds and talents, personalities who are truly passionate about creating efficient digital experiences.

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How many job listings have you read, where the company tries to highlight their young, dynamic team because they can't offer much else?
This is not one of those listings. Yes, we're a young company too, but we have way more to offer than a flat hierarchy, a Club Mate bar and a table tennis table.


We're always on the hunt for energetic people who want to join us in creating the best digital experiences, the best Team Dinners and Breakfasts at our office in the eighth district.


Beyond many well-known corporations that we have the privilege to work with, you could gain a ton of effective hands-on experience working on exciting projects.  Whether you'd rather work with startups, charitable projects or SMEs, we're likely to have a client you would be excited to work with and make a difference at.


Freedom of expression and plenty of room for your own ideas
We place a high value on your right to express yourself creatively and are always happy to listen to your thoughts.
free daily coffee & Drinks
Thanks to our La Marzocco (Linea Mini) we're always able and willing to make some incredible coffee for you! Our fridge also gets stocked with one or the other delicious surprise (with and without alcohol) too!
The Foxfamily Vibe
We like to keep our work environment casual - just like a young agency with the "Startup Mentality" would. 60 hours a week with no pay is (really!) not what we do here.
Family Activities
Team Events like monthly Dinners, voluntary team activities and birthday parties are a part of every month's agenda. We don't just want you here for work!

A central location of the office near the U2, U6 (soon also U5) and Alser Straße with plenty of supermarkets, restaurants and cafes nearby. For every Fox there is also the Fox Map as a small guide to what you can experience around the office.

Remote-/Home Office
Flexible work hours are a part of our daily routine! Working from a home office is nothing unusual here!
Happiness Management
Because a pleasant work environment is very important to us, we have a "Fox Happiness Manager" who manages a monthly budget with and for the team without any necessary input by either of the CEOs.
Fuchsfabrik Merch
Once you join the Foxes, you'll receive our "Fuchsfabrik Starter-Kit" which contains a few select items of Fuchsfabrik Merch!
Because Rome wasn't built in a day, it's important to us that we keep working on ourselves and try to improve in key areas. Together, we'll try to evaluate which ones you still have a lot of potential in!


Open Positions at Fuchsfabrik


digital product development & design

digital marketing

Generally speaking.
Whether design, development or digital marketing the Foxfamily is looking forward to reinforcement.

Life (at the agency) writes the best stories.

Instead cliché employer branding copy, here are a few impressions of the people that make the 'Fox-Family' feel like a family!

Blossom of Top 9


Neues Office - neues Glück? Von Wasserschäden über Umbauarbeiten bis hin zum erneuten Lockdown waren einige Überraschungen dabei.

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