By establishing La Marzocco digital in Austria, the goal of repositioning in the market was achieved. A tailored digital strategy led to a significant increase in sales and successful sales of coffee machines and grinders online.


La Marzocco


corporate website, ongoing marketing support


The goal was to reposition the main importer of La Marzocco coffee machines in Austria and to establish it in the market. This involved implementing an exclusive Ambassador program in Austria and helping to generate more sales & leads through online channels.


In close collaboration with La Marzocco HQ, a customized digital strategy was developed that focused on UX & conversion optimization of the existing website, focus on digital campaigning, performance marketing, social media management, consulting & planning as well as reporting. By clearly structuring the content and websites, it was possible to address the different target groups with different requirements and price ranges.


The result of the joint work was a significant increase in sales and compliance with the agreed targets. It was possible to directly sell coffee machines and grinders online, where previously no sales had taken place. Key KPIs, such as the number of website visitors and (e-commerce) sales, increased significantly.