Streamlining Student Elections

What has to be done for an election of the Austrian National Union of Students and which complex systems are working in the background, we know at the latest since we were allowed to design the new e-election adaministration system of the Austrian National Union of Students.


ÖH - Österreichische Hochschüler_innenschaft


web application


Every 2 years the elections of the Austrian Student Union (ÖH) take place. Thereby all Austrian students elect a new representation, and that on study, university and federal level. Behind the scenes, there is a lot more going on than meets the eye. In addition to election cards, which have to be sent correctly and on time, there are huge amounts of data on the millions of records of the approximately 400,000 students that have to be updated for each election. Applications need to be checked for accuracy, and after the election, results want to be presented for each organization. Furthermore, the implementation of eWAS also lays the foundation for the first e-voting in the 2025 follow-up election.


The biggest challenge at the beginning was to break down nearly 100 complex user stories and initially prepare them into wireframes within four weeks. Then the wireframes were turned into a design system and finally into full-fledged screen designs.

Oeh 23 Poster 1
Image by Bundes ÖH, Design Fuchsfabrik


For a timely completion of the project for the ÖH election 2023, intensive team work and coordination with ÖH, the Ministry of Education and the technical responsibe party Brainformance was more important than ever. There were weekly coordination meetings to challenge the technical feasibility and to check the legal framework with ÖH experts.

But now it's fixed: The next election can come! 


Architecture & Development by + commissioned by Brainformance