new office for the foxes 💼

author: Florian Fazekas

date: 7/21/2020

New week, new office... that's what happened to us on 20th July, 2020 - boxes were still being packed on Friday last week, while the first appointments at the new location took place on Monday.

Our move 2020

A problem that can be considered a nice one: It got cramped. Too cramped for the Foxes. A new place to stay was needed. And after a small eternity we found it.


The new address

Yes, officially now to be found at 


Laudongasse 12/9
1080 Vienna 


Because let's be honest: once 1080, always 1080! 💞 

New office and new La Marzocco coffee machine - that calls for guests and a few solid espresso shots! If desired, Negronis in the second course. 🔥

coffee with negronis

What did we come up with? 

The now third official foxhole in about two years had to offer enough space for interaction as well as focused production. Since the middle of 2019, we have visited more than 20 properties, with Laudongasse being the last of these to convince us the most. Despite the fact that it looked the worst in the beginning.



What does it look like now?

Significantly better than at the first visit - the property was still in the condition of the first construction from the 19th century, but through professional renovations with the owner representative Grigkar – highly recommended at this point – a solid real estate gem was created in 4 months despite Corona. 


Proper old school charm with over 200 squaremeters, bright herringbone parquet flooring, over 4 meters ceiling height and lots of light. The term Foxhole could be a little bit misleading. 


Despite being localed in a Viennese old house, a digital agency can't live without IoT solutions such as smart access, remote coffee machine control and strong Internet cabling (even integrated into the parquet flooring).



And what's going on there right now?

We are now sitting with our Foxes in a top location surrounded by City Hall, Altes AKH, and even more important some trendy spots like Via Toledo, Leones and of course the PoC (also highly recommended, this one goes to you Robert)!


For all those who are looking for a personal tour or just a good, semi-professional coffee in the Laudongasse, we are happy to invite you to these new halls for a good cup at any time. 


Just give us a short notice via mail and our barista team will be ready!


We are already looking forward to all the exciting projects, entertaining moments as well as great successes and instructive losses in these rooms. But now it's time to write more Fox history.